$23M raised to advance hydrogen technologies

Friday 10 Feb 2023

New Zealand company Fabrum, a world leader in zero-emission transition technologies to enable a lower-carbon economy, announced its $23M Series A financing led by London-headquartered AP Ventures with participation from Australia-based Fortescue Future Industries, Japan-based Obayashi Corporation and New Zealand-based K1W1.

With the new funding, Fabrum plans to expand its global presence and scale up its manufacturing capacity with a new purpose-built manufacturing facility at its Christchurch headquarters - to meet the growing demand for its end-to-end hydrogen systems and other technologies for aerospace, heavy transport and heavy industries.

Fabrum, founded in 2004, leads the world in industrialised small to medium-scale liquefaction systems and composite cryogenic vessels. Fabrum has earned a global reputation as an innovator for its core competencies in green hydrogen production, storage, dispensing, and system integration. The company actively deploys end-to-end liquid hydrogen solutions globally across heavy transport, mining and aviation markets.

Christopher Boyle, Founder and Chairman of Fabrum, said: “This investment is a critical milestone for Fabrum, validating the technology development pathway that fellow founder Hugh Reynolds and I have built over the last 18 years. Fabrum was created to leverage Christchurch’s strong technology manufacturing history and Canterbury University’s very talented Engineering School. Bringing capability and talent together to develop world-leading technology that will genuinely enable a global shift to sustainable transportation and industry has been our core purpose. It is truly exciting to have the support of this world-class group of investors to deliver on this vision.”

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Fabrum is also the company developing and deploying an end-to-end scalable hydrogen refuelling solution for HWR to enable fleet-ready access to hydrogen. This coincides with HWR’s plans to have ten dual-fuel hydrogen-diesel trucks on the road by the second quarter of 2023.

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