Phoebe’s journey from classroom to forest canopy

Friday 29 Jul 2022

“On one hand my choice of forestry as a career was a last-minute decision that was questioned by many people around me. On another, it was a logical step after growing up exposed to the industry through my parents’ forestry nursery and consultancy work. Ultimately, it was completely the right decision. This has been reinforced each step of the way as I have navigated university, summer jobs, and have now entered the workforce.”

Phoebe Milne graduated from the University of Canterbury in 2021 with a Bachelor of Forestry Science having received grants from the WIDE Trust in 2019, 2020 and 2021 to support her studies. “I am now a Graduate Forester with Rayonier Matariki Forests in Hawke’s Bay. This is a role designed to establish and grow my holistic understanding of the business of forestry.

By nature, it is varied and interesting. It is also a steep learning curve. Since I started in January, I have been integrated into a wide range of teams including production, engineering, research and development, and forestry. I am lucky that in the process, as is almost always the case in forestry, my role gets me out, interacting with a diverse range of stakeholders and experiencing some of the best landscapes and natural environments that New Zealand has to offer.”

“I am passionate about forestry because there is so much to it. It is a significant primary industry for New Zealand comprising complex logistics operations and asset management decisions. This is all underpinned by the importance of sustainability and responsible stewardship of the land for future generations. Forestry has a lot to offer New Zealand economically, environmentally, and socially. I would love for this to be more widely recognised amongst the groups and sectors with which we interact. Ultimately, forestry has a bright future ahead that I am excited to be a part of.”

Source: WIDE Trust

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