Promising results from forwarding optimisation study

Friday 3 Aug 2012

Skogforsk, Sweden, has developed a model for optimising forest transport, presenting the machine operator with the shortest, most e?cient routes and showing in detail how timber and logging residues should be loaded and transported.

The model can be implemented in existing systems to help new forwarder operators plan their work, but experienced operators also bene?t from this type of system, according to Skogforsk’s Karin Westlund, who is leading the study.

"Fuel consumption is reduced and quality is improved by using a transport plan where timber volumes can be seen on the map on the operator’s screen," she explains. "There is less risk, for example, of timber being forgotten in the forest."

The study shows that there is great potential for reducing forest transport costs. "We could be talking about quite a few percent," says Petrus Jönsson, who has worked with the analyses in the project."
Source: R&D Works Newsletter

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