FWPA future program focus

Friday 3 Aug 2012

In response to the outcomes of February’s forest industry summit, Australia’s Forest and Wood Products Australia Limited (FWPA), developed a business case for new industry programs to present to the members and levy payers, which was presented at a follow-up forum earlier in July. More than 45 industry CEOs and senior decision makers attended.

Ric Sinclair, FWPA managing director provided an overview of the business case and participants were charged with the key tasks of determining the appropriate level and time of investment for industry collaborative activities as well as the appropriate split between programs and how should the benefit allocations be shared across the industry.

While there was strong support for FWPA, there was no consensus to endorse the business case in its entirety due to the current economic conditions impacting the industry. However, there was majority in principle support for a levy increase to cover current shortfall of AU$2 million to ensure the current FWPA programs can continue. There was also support for follow up meetings with the separate sectors to determine the level of interest in supporting some of the proposed programs on a sector basis only.

The official summary is available online now.

Source: ForWood July 2012

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