New light particleboard to be launched in 2011

At SICAM, which ran in Pordenone, Italy, between October 20 and 23, 2010, BASF, one of the worlds’ leading chemical companies, and SAIB, one of Italy’s biggest derived timber manufacturers, presented their joint project to develop a lightweight particle board. The new wood-based material, based on the Kaurit ® Light system, will be at least 20% lighter than conventional particle board. The product will be launched in 2011.

“Thanks to our strategic partnership with BASF, we’re developing exciting new possibilities in industrial furniture production. At the same time, we’re satisfying furniture manufacturers’ requirements for a new, lighter material,” says Adriana Conti, Managing Director of SAIB. “The lightweight panel fulfills all regulations for particle boards and can be used as a conventional board”, explains Wolfgang Gutting, Vice President, Glues and Impregnating Resins at BASF. Source:

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