Forestry decision for SA causes outrage

A State Government’s revelation last Wednesday night that “the decision has been made” and the forward sale of ForestrySA plantation rotations (AU$2.8b worth of timber assets) will go ahead caused outcry amongst the local community at a meeting held in Mt Gambier last week.

The revenue raised from the sale would be used to relieve the state’s significant debt, according to Forestry Minister Michael O’Brien. Local council leaders and stakeholders claimed that the government had misled the public for over two years and were scathing of the announcement and the impact that it could have on jobs in the South East. Mr O’Brien adamantly claimed in a report in the Border Watch that the State Government had always been transparent with the decision to sell the asset since it was made in 2008.

Mr O’ Brien said the number of rotations to be sold and when the sale would go ahead was still unclear and the cabinet would not decide whether it would be one to three rotations until March next year. Mr O’Brien referred to the Victorian and more recently Queensland Government’s similar sales producing more benefits than negative impacts. Source: The Border Watch

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