SawTECH 2011 Technology Show & Expo

For over 13 years the Forest Industry Engineering Association (FIEA) has been running independent technology updates for New Zealand and Australian forestry and wood products companies. The SawTECH events have detailed the very latest technologies, tools, innovations and operating practices that can be adopted by local sawmiller’s to improve their profitability.

A wide cross section of sawmillers on both sides of the Tasman have been involved in redesigning the SawTECH series From 2011, in addition to Sawmilling Optimisation and Saw Design, Selection & Maintenance, previous technology events on Mill Maintenance, Log & Lumber Scanning and Lumber Quality Control will now be built into this new Technology Show & Expo. The NEW three yearly SawTECH series will be running in both New Zealand and Australia in June 2011.

SawTECH 2011 will be covering all core operations being undertaken in the Greenmill. FIEA will be working closely with major sawmilling suppliers and companies to design the new SawTECH 2011 Technology Show & Expo in the next month or so. At this stage we are seeking Expressions of Interest from companies and organisations who would like the opportunity of presenting or being involved in the New Zealand and Australian SawTECH events. Attached is an EOI Document with further information. Interest in being considered for this new Australian series is requested before Friday 19 November 2010.

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