Industry must play a greater role in sustainability transition

Friday 5 Jul 2024

The global forest-related private sector is a complex and diverse part of the global economy, managing a wide range of forests to produce a myriad of goods ranging from building materials, to wood fibre-based materials to new industries in biochemicals, energy and biofuels.

The global forestry sector includes businesses engaged in forestry management, wood processing companies, forestry investment management businesses and local small and medium-sized businesses operating within the supply chains and management systems of forestry.

Forestry has a long history. It is said that the first forestry textbook was written by the Romans. But as well as a rich history, forestry has also continually evolved in terms of its products and markets, operational management philosophy and adjustment to public attitudes and public policies.

Today we are on the threshold of a substantial shift in the forestry sector. This shift is being driven by both a rising demand for sustainable, renewable materials in the transition to a circular bioeconomy, and the reconceptualization of forestry and wider land management into a new natural capital asset class.

This is creating both substantial opportunities and increased obligations on the international sustainable forestry sector.

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Source and image credit: New Forests

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