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Friday 5 Jul 2024

A notice for all NZ forest owners: Free Webinar Series – The Harvested Wood Material Levy Vote 2024: How it affects you as a forest owner. Forest owners are invited to join the Forest Growers Levy Trust for a series of webinars on the Levy Vote 2024 that started this week. 

The Harvested Wood Material Levy is paid by every plantation forest owner in New Zealand when their trees are harvested. Money raised by the levy is used to support work for the collective benefit of the industry. The levy supports research and development work, health and safety initiatives, biosecurity protection, forestry advocacy and promotion and a host of other work programs to help support forest growers and New Zealand forestry.

At present, every tonne of wood harvested from a plantation forest is levied at 33c per tonne. The levy is collected at the port or sawmill, and the funds and work program are managed by the Forest Growers Levy Trust (FGLT). It is proposed that the levy rate be potentially increased in the next 6-year levy term to support a larger work program and do more to invest in the future of NZ forestry and meet the new challenges facing the industry.

The industry is required by legislation to vote every 6 years to decide whether to continue with the levy and at what rate. The vote will be held from 1 October to 31 October 2024.

Over the past two months, the Forest Growers Levy Trust (FGLT) has completed a series of regional roadshows around the country on the Levy Vote 2024. These consultation sessions are an opportunity for all potential levy payers to have their say into what happens with the levy and learn more about the referendum process.

We have been speaking to forest owners like yourselves to get feedback on the levy and discuss potential changes heading into the next 6-year period. As in-person meetings are not always convenient for forest owners, we are now running a series of webinars to make sure every potential levy payer can have their say and vote in the October referendum. We encourage you to be involved.

Levy Vote 2024 Webinar program: Please choose the webinar that suits your schedule and click on the relevant link above. No RSVP is required. Zoom links for each webinar will also be posted on the FGLT Levy Vote 2024 website. We hope you can join us. It’s your levy, so make sure you have your say. You can learn more by visiting the FGLT Levy Vote 2024 website and the Grower Information Pack PDF.

Source: Forest Growers Levy Trust

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