Forest Flows – key update at Environmental Forestry 2024

Friday 5 Jul 2024

The Forest Flows Research Programme shared its data driven results at the Environmental Forestry Conference last week. The programme’s main objectives is to quantify the water use of plants and trees, and the water storage and release in planted forest catchments. The conference showcased our results to a general audience, after sharing with our local communities in May.

Dean Meason gave a keynote presentation on the main results on Day 1. On Day 2, Dean ran a Forest Flows workshop alongside Don White and Grace Villamor. Don presented the Forest Flows Combined Hydrological Model, a first-of-its-kind process-based model specifically built for forested catchments. Grace presented local communities concerns and perceptions of trees and water. She demonstrated a framework to link the right results to answer these questions.

Forest Flows now has available 4 Infosheets on the main results of the programme: Four more Infosheets will be provided soon on:
  • Radiata pine tree water use
  • Tree water use between exotic and indigenous species
  • Planted forest catchment water release
  • Planted forests catchment canopy interception
Forest Flows programme combines traditional forest hydrology methods with cutting edge technology for research at planted forests around New Zealand including five primary sites.

More information can be found at the Programme’s website and Scion’s website. Forest Flows is funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment Endeavour Programme.

Source: Dean Meason via LinkedIn

Image credit: Scion

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