Forico releases a fourth Natural Capital Report

Friday 21 Jun 2024

Forico has released a fourth Natural Capital Report, now free to download free from the company’s website. Forico also has a strong commitment to Natural Capital and believes it to be a fundamental requirement for a sustainable global economy. Recognised worldwide, the report is a leading illustrative example of nature-based reporting.

CEO Evangelista Albertini has said the Natural Capital Report ‘represents a vanguard for Financial and Sustainability Teams everywhere, encouraging them to embrace and lead the change to direct decision-making in new, essential, and increasingly urgent, nature positive and planet friendly ways.’

The company is motivated to play a key leadership role in this opportunity for the sector, through the production of its Natural Capital Report, production of sustainable wood fibre and championing new methods and markets in carbon and biodiversity.

The 2023 Natural Capital Report can be downloaded from the Forico website.

In addition, Forico is sharing their insights on the management of native vegetation within plantations, with Ann La Sala, Forico's Sustainability Advisor, speaking at next week's Environmental Forestry 2024.

Source: Forico

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