ForestTECH 2024 November series programmes live

Friday 14 Jun 2024

The eagerly awaited 2024 ForestTECH programme is now out. It’s live. Details on the content and coverage for the 20-21 November Rotorua, NZ event and 26-27 November 2024 event running in Melbourne, Australia the week after, can now be found on the ForestTECH 2024 website.

The annual end-of-year forest technology series every year, continues to draw in foresters and resource managers from across Australasia. In recent years, well over 300 delegates have been involved. As evidenced by recent growth and turnouts of delegates, both live and virtual, from over 15 counties, it has a well- deserved and now truly international standing amongst the global forest community.

Feedback from last year’s ForestTECH 2023 delegates overwhelmingly said that the 2024 event should stick with the same two themes that have been developed and used so successfully over the last few years. Remote sensing, forest data capture and inventory management have been the core focus since the annual Australian technology series began back in 2007. And since 2020, with remote sensing and machine automation increasingly being integrated into silvicultural operations, new innovations around tree crop management, automated silviculture (including mechanised planting, thinning and pruning operations) and forest establishment have again been added to the series.

ForestTECH 2024 will include research and trial results, insights into new and developing technologies and key lessons from industry early adopters on the practical integration of some of these new technologies into their forest operations. This year, we’ve also delighted to be able to bring the local industry some truly innovative approaches that have just been developed from technology providers and users from across New Zealand, Australia, Finland, Sweden, USA, Canada and South Africa. If interested, take an early peek and check out the programmes for both countries on the ForestTECH 2024 website.

Further details and regular updates re content will follow. Note: Exhibition spaces at this event often book out. If looking early on at saving an exhibition space, either in Rotorua or Melbourne, please make contact with FIEA’s Marketing & Sponsorship Manager, Gordon Thomson or Tel: +64 27 275 8022.

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