Passing of Australian industry veteran, Vic Gersekowski

Friday 31 May 2024

It is with sadness that we say farewell to a true champion of the Queensland Timber Industry. Victor Gersekowski, owner/director of Vic’s Timber, a cypress pine sawmill at Cecil Plains in the Western Downs region of Queensland.

Vic always had the cypress blood running through him, with grandfather Dick Gersekowski starting the business, carting cypress logs in the 1940’s. The family purchased the sawmill at Cecil Plains in 1959, with father Noel building much of the equipment. Tragically the sawmill burnt down in 1974, however Noel rebuilt it in just 6 months! Vic inherited the sawmill in 1981 after his father passed away. In 1999, he revamped the business and became the driving force behind Vic’s Timbers.

In Vic’s words, “It is such a unique timber, hard wearing, durable, termite resistant. It has the durability and hardness of a lot of hardwoods, and yet it has a knotty appearance like pine.” The family started off selling boards into the Sydney market, but as times changed, their focus turned to selling house framing and flooring into the Queensland market. Always looking for new opportunities and value adding, they invested in kiln drying and developed new customers overseas selling specialty products. Dressed timber into Japanese markets was a real winner!

You may not have always agreed with Vic, but you knew where you stood, and he was always up for a good argument! Vic’s passion for the cypress pine industry was well known and he most definitely lived and breathed it! He was keen to share his knowledge and experience, and always had a positive outlook for the timber industry. I was a forester based at Dunmore near Cecil Plains in the 2010’s and had the privilege of knowing Vic for several years.

Farewell Vic – you made a great contribution to the timber industry and to Queensland!

Source: Melissa Syme

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