FWPA research funding for a carbon neutral 2050

Friday 17 May 2024

FWPA has committed funding to research which will inform an industry-wide decarbonisation plan to lead the forest and wood products sector to achieve a better than carbon neutral outcome by 2050. 

FWPA will spearhead this initiative, partnering with Australia Forest Products Association (AFPA) and Wood Beca to deliver this crucial roadmap. The project will be funded primarily through grower and processor contributions, with additional financial support from the paper and packaging sector. 

This approach incorporates carbon sequestration within commercial forest estates and includes recommendations for softwood and hardwood plantation forests, wood processing sites, managed native forests, and the paper and packaging manufacturing sector. 

The roadmap project, which has just commenced, will model industry emissions projections out to 2050. This work will establish baseline projections and identify the most effective avenues for carbon emissions reduction, capture, and storage.

FWPA and AFPA have been working with industry and researchers to develop emissions reduction methodologies, enhance carbon capture, storage, and productivity across plantations, and create strategies to quantify emissions savings from utilising timber-based solutions in commercial building projects.

This will potentially allow the construction industry to acquire Australian Carbon Credit Units by using carbon-storing timber and will support paper and packaging use.

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Source: Forest & Wood Products Australia (FWPA)

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