China launches world’s largest electric container ship

Friday 17 May 2024

State-owned China Ocean Shipping Group (COSCO) has launched the world’s largest electric container ship, which will begin regular service between Shanghai and Nanjing and save 3,900kg of fuel for every 100 nautical miles sailed.

The Greenwater 01 arrived at the deepwater Yangshan Port in Hangzhou Bay south of Shanghai, an all-electric container ship measuring 119.8 metres in length, width of 23.6 metres and depth of 9 metres.

It is the world’s first 10,000-tonne pure electric container ship and boasts a top speed of 19.4km/h and a battery capacity of over 50,000kWh. Each battery container offers 1,600kWh of electricity and utilises a container similar to the standard 20-foot containers the vessel transports.

The number of battery packs can therefore be modified depending on the journey by simply modifying the number of battery containers installed onboard. The Greenwater 01 is expected to be able to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 12.4 tonnes for the same distance travelled.

Image credit: Cosco

Source: thedriven

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