Driverless truck trial delayed in Melbourne

Friday 26 Apr 2024

A trial of self-driving trucks in Melbourne has been delayed after a last-minute protest by the Transport Workers Union (TWU). The TWU is worried the technology is not safe and the trial was not planned properly. “Due to a lack of consultation with necessary stakeholders, this trial will result in major delays to the critical distribution of freight,” the union said in a statement.

Transurban, the company running the trial, says they have been planning for months and the vehicles were approved by the Department of Transport and Planning and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator to drive on-road. They are disappointed the trial has been delayed, but are committed to addressing all concerns and proving the benefits of this new technology. 

This trial is a step up from the first trial back in 2022, where a highly automated truck drive itself along sections of CityLink and the Monash Freeway in Melbourne. The current trial has two IVECO trucks are fitted with sensors, cameras and other self-driving technology to navigate motorway entries, changing lanes, driving inside tunnels, observing traffic lights and responding to any traffic condition they’re presented with along the way. Experienced heavy-vehicle drivers are on board throughout.

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Source: Big Rigs

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