The future of forestry in Australia - hear the discussion

Friday 26 Apr 2024

While it is a long-running debate, trees are not just part of the forest, but a valuable part of farms. It's the future of forestry in Australia, according to a recent discussion on the ABC Listen podcast. There are many groups with a stake in the land, from environmentalists, developers, farmers and foresters, and we need to explore how these groups can work together to create a sustainable future for forestry. 

The discussion features Rowan Reid, Founder of the Australian Master TreeGrower Program, Dr. Fabiano Ximenes, Senior Research Scientist in Forest Science, NSW Department of Primary Industries, Professor Rodney Keenan, School of Agriculture, Food, and Ecosystem Sciences at the University of Melbourne, Emily Cotterill, Director of the consultancy The Environmental Factor and hosted by Ashley Bland, Chair of Greening Bathurst and Fellow of the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation.

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Source: ABC Listen

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