Engineers Australia awards CLT Toolbox Founder

Friday 15 Sep 2023

The Engineers Australia Excellence Awards celebrates innovation in engineering with an increasing focus on more sustainable building solutions.

Adam Jones, the founder of CLT Toolbox, has just been awarded the Engineers Australia Emerging Professional of the Year Award, for contributions to the advancement of sustainable construction practices. The top engineers of Victoria their accolades at the 2023 Engineers Australia Excellence Awards held in Melbourne last Wednesday.

The CLT Toolbox overcomes a key bottleneck preventing the important transition from high carbon emission materials like concrete to low emission timber by providing education and design infrastructure in an agnostic software platform. The honor serves as a humbling recognition of his ongoing efforts to promote environmentally friendly building methods.

His team is leading the growth of a network of contributors working to make mass timber a more available choice for engineers across the country. Despite a heightened national interest in a timber transition, Adam identified that a lack of education and access to easy-to-understand templates was preventing engineers from choosing sustainable building materials over concrete and steel.

"We're on a mission to bring sustainable building materials into the mainstream. CLT Toolbox aims to make mass timber the path of least resistance, making it easier than concrete or steel. I'm deeply grateful for the acknowledgment and excited for the path ahead,” Adam said, who shared the launch of the software wouldn't be possible without the CLT Toolbox Team's support.

The Emerging Professional of the Year Award celebrating innovation in projects delivering low-carbon solutions comes at a time when the Australian government is doubling down on decarbonising the construction industry and reduce the country’s embodied carbon footprint.

The award also recognises Adam’s extensive career and contributions to structural engineering and sustainability. including his role in the "Rethinking Cement Report" with Beyond Zero Emissions and his educational contributions through interviewing leading timber global experts on the Timber Talks Podcast.

Adam was also previously recognised as Future Green Leader of the Year by the Green Building Council of Australia in 2019. He’s deeply passionate about making timber a mainstream option for the emerging markets in construction. "Adam has been dedicated to helping engineers find a visible route to contributing to a more sustainable construction industry, helping engineers become champions of the decarbonization movement at a critical time,” shared Ringo Thomas, Co-founder of CLT Toolbox.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Adam has also made educational contributions through his popular podcast, "What You Will Learn," with over 9 million downloads and is a bestselling author of the book "The Sh*t They Never Taught You," further illustrating his commitment to broad-based education and personal growth. "It's a collective effort, and the award is a reflection of the hard work put in by our team, and the openness of the industry to new, sustainable solutions," Adam added.

Source: CLT Toolbox

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