Australian review of tree felling skills standards

Friday 25 Aug 2023

Forestry operators, arborists and emergency workers may all need to draw on skills to manually fell trees with a chainsaw when using large machinery is unviable. These skills are described in three units of competency which outline how to demonstrate competence at a basic, intermediate and advanced level.

To demonstrate competence, learners must perform manual tree felling on a specified number of trees. The number required at each level needs to be low enough that it does not present a barrier for training organisations in sourcing the trees, but high enough that learners will be safe and competent when they take their skills into the workplace.

In Australia, Skills Insight and ForestWorks are undertaking a project to review the three tree felling units in consultation with industry, considering how many trees are required to demonstrate each skill level and what other mechanisms may be needed to support safety, competence and accessible training.

If you would like to be involved in this project, please feel free to contact the project manager, Georgiana Daian at To receive updates about this project, subscribe to the Skills Insight newsletter.

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Photo courtesy of Power Safety Training

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