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Friday 4 Aug 2023

Forestry Australia has released a series of two-page Position Statements to better inform members and the community of its position on a range of issues.

Designed to be short, sharp and easily understood, the first five in a series of position papers covers the areas of Ecologically Sustainable Forestry Management; Forest Fire Management, Forest Fire Recovery and Restoration, Sustainable Forest Harvesting and Forest Research, Development and Dissemination.

President of Forestry Australia, Dr Michelle Freeman said the organisation is seeking greater recognition by policy makers, media and the wider community of balanced science-based positions on important forest policy and forest management issues. “It is important to have easy to read, up-to-date information and resource available for members, the forestry sector and the community on important forestry topics, particularly those that are frequently in the media, and which are relevant to future forest policy decisions,” Dr Freeman said.

“Each two-page Position Statement explains the context for the specific topic and presents Forestry Australia’s position, with supporting information. I want to acknowledge the significant amount of work that has been done over the last two years by several volunteers and the Science Policy Officers to consult with the Forestry Australia membership, review and synthesise these Statements.”

Dr Freeman said the Position Statements can be used widely by Forestry Australia members and forest sector stakeholders. “When advocating with policy makers, having a concise well written position paper to speak to and leave with the policy maker enables more effective communication,” Dr Freeman said.

For those interested in the first five topics they can be found clearly on the Forestry Australia website or here:

Ecologically Sustainable Forestry Management

Forest Fire Management

Forest Fire Recovery and Restoration

Sustainable Forest Harvesting

Forest Research, Development and Dissemination

Source: Forestry Australia

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