Forest health monitoring solution developed

Thursday 13 Jul 2023

In Europe, Metsä Group, an international forest industry group and CollectiveCrunch, a leading AI company specializing in forestry solutions, have teamed up to release an innovative solution that equips forest owners with detailed and timely information about potential threats in forests.

“Bark beetles and storm damage pose significant threats to forest health, resulting in substantial economic and ecological consequences,” said Jarkko Lipponen, Co-Founder and CEO of CollectiveCrunch. “Detecting the early signs of bark beetles, and monitoring changes such as storm damage in near real-time, is vital for forest owners to take swift and appropriate actions to mitigate their impact.”

In response to this critical need, the joint effort that was initiated in December 2022 has culminated in the development of an advanced AI-based solution that enables an early detection of bark beetle outbreaks and near real-time monitoring of storm damage in forest ecosystems.

By analyzing a combination of various data sets, the AI-powered solution detects subtle patterns and anomalies associated with bark beetle infestation. It allows forest owners to access near real-time information and precise location-based insights to effectively combat the risks posed by bark beetles and storm damage.

“The solution developed through the collaboration between Metsä Group and CollectiveCrunch goes beyond detecting bark beetle outbreaks and storm damages. It also has the capability to identify forest areas under stress, providing forest owners with valuable information about ecosystem health and risks,” Lipponen said. “

Metsä Group is currently finalizing integration and piloting the product. Customers will be able to access the product through Metsä Group's application starting in August.

Source: CollectiveCrunch

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