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Parininihi ki Waitōtara Incorporation – Cutting Rights

Buy and Sell Description:

Parininihi ki Waitōtara Incorporation (PKW) are seeking expressions of interest from parties wishing to participate in a competitive sales process to acquire cutting rights to their tree crop at Mangaoapa Forest located in Rohe of Ngati Maru, Taranaki.

PKW values our people, environment, communities and follows tīkanga Māori principals. Parties who align with these values and are willing to collaborate with us to ensure the values are upheld are preferred. As a Māori organisation PKW are particularly interested in providing opportunities for our people. Proposals that contribute towards the achievement of those aspirations would be considered advantageous.

  • Approximately 290 Ha of Pinus radiata mainly planted between 1992 and 1994.
  • High quality tree stock, professionally managed, pruned and thinned.
  • Conveniently located to take advantage of both domestic and export markets. Mangaoapa Forest is approx. 55 km from Taranaki pine and 67 km from Port Taranaki.
  • Medium to steep terrain, suited to combined hauler, tethered or ground-based harvesting.
  • First rotation harvest with requirement for construction of forest roads and landings.
  • In the first instance, an information memorandum providing further details is available at
Further enquiries can be made by email to Paul McCreedy at


Forme Consulting Group Ltd act directly for Parininihi ki Waitōtara Incorporation to assist the sale of standing trees for removal however, for clarity.

Whilst Forme can prepare and assist in the Information Memorandum process, we are not licensed real estate agents and have obligations and restrictions as to our involvement if the forest is to be sold. As a Registered Member of the New Zealand Institute of Forestry (NZIF) Forme are exempt from the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 by the Real Estate Agent (exemptions) Regulations 2017, however the obligations and restrictions as to our involvement if the forest is to be sold include.
  • We can only conduct real estate work that is in the forestry sector.
  • We must abide by the NZIF Rules, Code of Ethics and the exemption regulations.
  • Forme cannot accept remuneration in the form of a commission that is in addition to, or instead of, our normal professional charges.
  • Forme cannot prepare agreements for sale and purchase or give any advice about legal rights and obligations incidental to preparing such agreements.
  • Forme cannot manage funds relating to a real estate transaction through a trust or any other account.
We will be adhering to these rules.

For more info
Contact: Paul McCreedy
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Forest/Land Sale

Forestry, Carbon and Farming

Buy and Sell Description:

Three Seperate titles available together or individually

Located approximately 46 kilometres East of Masterton on the road to Riversdale Beach

Both blocks are second rotation and have excellent tracks and skid sites already established


  • 131.983 hectares
  • 44.9 ha Pinus Radiata registered in the ETS
  • Second rotation planted 2020
  • Approximately 60 Ha grazing plus Balance of land in bush and approximately 4 Ha of Eight year old pines.
  • 64.36 Ha
  • 56.8 Ha Pinus Radiata registered in the ETS
  • Second Rotation planted 2018 and 2019
Kumeroa - Woodville
  • 28.467 hectares
  • Pinus Radiata registered in the ETS
  • Second rotation planted 2019
  • Located 17 kilometres East of Woodville on Druce Road, Kumeroa
Adams and Kohekohe blocks boundary each other

TENDERS CLOSE 28th February 2023 (if not sold prior)

Countrywide Realestate

Mreinz licensed under the REA 2008

For more info
Contact: Ben Hepburn
mobile: (+64) 27 455 5782
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Other Products/Services

Informe Daily Rate Costing Reports

Buy and Sell Description:

Much has been made of rising fuel prices, labour shortages and inflation driving up daily costs but are you aware just how much the cost of running your forestry crew has increased over the last 12 months?

Forme Consulting have been producing the INFORME daily rate and cost escalation reports for over 30 years. Our aim has always been to provide independent and reliable costing information to the forest industry.

The reports are considered by many to be the benchmark for harvesting, silviculture and forest engineering cost information currently available in New Zealand. The reports provide a comprehensive range of estimated daily rates for machines, equipment, chainsaws, vehicles, labour, and overheads which allows daily rate crew costs to be estimated. This insight is invaluable to contractors in whatever area of forestry, who may be preparing for contract price negotiations with their forest company.

Our INFORME reports are typically used to:

  • monitor escalation of equipment costs & rates and silviculture manday rates
  • calculate indicative crew day costs
  • provide “Peace of Mind” to back up and validate own costings
  • prepare for price negotiations knowing that many forestry companies also use the INFORME reports.
INFORME Harvesting 2023 reports are printed and ready for delivery now.

Our other Informe reports, INFORME Forestry 2023 (for silviculture contractors) and INFORME Engineering 2023 (for roading contractors) are also available for purchase - just visit our website below to complete and submit the order form or visit our website for more information.

For more info
Contact: Kevin Reardon
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