Swedish mechanised planting system planned for NZ

Friday 30 Sep 2022

Plantma Forestry have developed a mechanised planting system that’s being used in Sweden and being trialled in both the US and Canada.

During 2020 the machine was tested by 3 major forest companies in Sweden in a variety of conditions, types of ground, different seedlings etc. The Plantma-X proved to be a reliable machine and in the autumn of 2020 the machine planted its millionth seedling. Unlike other systems using a planting head and traditional excavator, the base machine of the unit is an Eco Log 574E. Details on the system can be seen below.

The new planting system was outlined to local foresters as part of a presentation made at the last ForestTECH event by Stora Enso. A full presentation on the system and results from recent Swedish and North American planting seasons is planned as part of this year’s ForestTECH 2022 series running in Rotorua, NZ on 15-16 November and again in Melbourne, Australia on 22-23 November.

Plantma Forestry has also announced that they have an agreement in place for a machine to be delivered to Pan Pac Forest Products New Zealand by the end of Q1 2023!

“Given the need for forestry to be able to adapt and investigate new technology and with the proven success of this high efficiency planter in Sweden, US and Canada, Pan Pac is excited to partner and test the Plantma X2 into the NZ forestry environment.” Says Sean Wright, Forestry Manager at Pan Pac Forest Products.

Source: Plantma Forestry

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