Safety Summit series adds new speakers

Friday 3 Feb 2017

Loggers and forest managers have been quick to capitalise on the latest Forest Industry Safety Summit set to run next month in Rotorua, New Zealand and Melbourne, Australia. Registrations have exceeded expectations and the gathering is set to be the second largest forest safety conference ever held in New Zealand.

“We have had some really positive news in our speaker’s line-up as well,” says conference organiser, John Stulen. “While we lost Cos Bruyn as a keynote speaker, we are really pleased to announce that we have two new keynote speakers who more than compensate for his unforeseen departure.”

Rob Moonen, CEO of the BC Forest Safety Council will be the keynote speaker on day one of the conference,” says Stulen, “and he has been directly involved with running the BC forest industry’s SAFE certification system for most of the past decade.”

Rob’s involvement is very timely, with the work on New Zealand’s safe certification program now in its final stages with our own Forest Industry Safety Council,” added Stulen. "The loggers and their safety teams in BC have learned a lot from experience in 10 years and Rob will bring their story to share with our industry safety leaders – which really is everyone on the forest floor.”

FIEA has also been lucky to gain the services of Steve Carden, CEO of Landcorp. Carden is leading the large farming company to a new phase in safety and is keen to compare notes with people in forestry. So, it should be the basis for some great conversations and information sharing, says Stulen.

Looking to the event itself, the conference room is going to be a busy place.

“All of our exhibitor stand spaces are sold out in Rotorua, even though we extended the capacity with a marquee in the hotel courtyard”, says FIEA’s Sponsorship Manager, Gordon Thomson, ”and there are only small number of conference seats available. Now is the time to register to make sure you don't miss out."

Special offers are now being made available to members of other industry associations across the forestry sector. To take advantage of this offer, go to

“For the first time, FIEA has also teamed up with the Forest Industry Safety Council (FISC) for the New Zealand leg of the series to organise a workshop as part of the Safety Summit,” says Thomson. “Working with Fiona Ewing of FISC has led us to include a series of workshops and panel sessions for people to interact – from the forest floor to CEOs.”

The summit runs 1st & 2nd March 2017 in Rotorua at the Distinction Hotel.

The following week it moves to the Bayview Eden Hotel in Melbourne running on 7th & 8th March.

For full details on the Safety Summit’s, visit:

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