Wood quality - is it still relevant?

Friday 2 May 2014

Forest managers and wood processors want to realise the greatest value from their resource by getting the balance between quality and volume correct. There is an old adage that you can’t manage for both maximum value and maximum volume at the same time. However, current market conditions only allow small premiums for higher quality logs.

Managing for maximum value can be achieved by managing for maximum volume – with implications for wood quality. But will this always be the case and what are the implications of increased productivity on wood quality? Both forest growers and wood processors want to improve both quality and uniformity, but what does this mean and how might we achieve it.

Scion has organised two workshops in New Zealand to give participants a better understanding of how wood properties develop over time, how stands respond to silvicultural treatments, and what quality variation means to wood processors. The workshops run in Christchurch on 7 May and again in Rotorua on 14 May. For more information contact john.moore@scionresearch.com

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