Concentrating on log truck fuel consumption

Friday 2 May 2014

FPInnovations, with funding from Natural Resources Canada, are carrying out research into reducing the aerodynamic drag of tractor-trailer combinations used for log haulage. Several concepts were investigated using computational fluid dynamics (CFD), with the most promising then being tested in the Laval University’s scaled-wind tunnel.

Folding down the stanchions of log trucks showed the most potential to reduce drag and therefore reduce fuel consumption. This was validated during a field test. By folding the stanchions down, aerodynamic drag could be reduced by 28%, which resulted in fuel savings of 14.6%. These savings translate into annual savings per truck of Canadian $ 3,400 and greenhouse gas emission reductions of up to 8 tonnes per trailer.

Transportation efficiencies – from trailer design, truck scheduling and roading around larger truck configurations are all part of the upcoming Wood Flow Logistics 2014 event being planned for forestry, harvesting and wood transport companies in mid-June (11-12 June, Rotorua, New Zealand and 17-18 June, Melbourne, Australia). This biennial event is already filling up fast so if looking to register, check out the programme and registration details on

NOTE. Discounted early-bird registrations CLOSE next Friday.

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