European sawmills triple softwood log and timber exports to China

Friday 25 Oct 2013

After a slowdown in 2012, China's expanding housing market has driven up its demand for logs and timber this year. Even if Russia, Canada, US and more recently New Zealand are the major suppliers for China, the European sawmills are beginning to make their presence felt on the Chinese market.

According to the latest Eurostat figures, in the first seven months of 2013, EU's softwood logs exports to China more than tripled over the same period of 2012. Romania has the lead, with a share of 28% of all European exports (and a 224% increase yoy), followed closely by France (27,9%) and Lithuania (22,9%).

Softwood timber exports almost tripled as well, with Finland, Sweden and Germany accounting for 84% of the overall EU exports. Year-on-year, Finnish and Swedish softwood timber shipments to China increased three times, meanwhile those from Germany rose 304%.

In January-July 2013, the combined (softwood log timber) value of exports to China reached EUR 185 million, higher by EUR 123 million as compared to January-July 2012.

Source: ihb

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