Promoting new wood construction innovations

Friday 27 Jan 2012

A story detailed in the latest issue of R&D Works details a paper where a theoretical framework on technology transition has been used to analyse emergence of wood-framed multi-storey building systems in Germany, Sweden and the UK. The framework can be applied to analyse the development of wood construction systems in other countries also.

Results showed that, in all countries, the construction professionals seemed to have negative perceptions regarding engineering properties of wood. Similar negative perceptions exist among the general public in Germany and the UK, but not in Sweden.

The wood construction promotional activities in Germany and the UK are directed to all types of houses, while in Sweden multi-storey buildings are targeted. The variations in the promotional measures undertaken partly explained the variations in growth of wood construction system in the three countries. The study showed that market intervention is needed to promote radical or really new innovations such as wood construction.

For full details on the story and link to the study, check out the latest R&D Works Newsletter

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