Mining giants collaborate on battery-electric haul truck trials

Friday 7 Jun 2024

In a major step to cut emissions, Australia's leading mining giants, BHP and Rio Tinto, are poised to test battery-electric haul trucks in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. This initiative, hailed as a "massive opportunity" by energy analysts, aligns with the companies' ambitious net-zero goals and their commitment to reducing operational emissions.

The trials, conducted in collaboration with Caterpillar and Komatsu, aim to assess the performance and productivity of electric trucks. BHP President for Australia, Geraldine Slattery, emphasises the importance of technological breakthroughs and strategic partnerships in achieving operational decarbonisation. She highlights the need to develop a comprehensive operational ecosystem to replace diesel as a fuel source, encompassing mine planning, haulage network operations, and safety considerations.

BHP has scheduled the trials to commence in the second half of 2024 with two CAT 793 haul trucks and in 2026 with two Komatsu 930 haul trucks, will provide valuable insights into the integration and viability of these new technologies within mining operations.

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Image credit: BHP

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