Potential to expand eucalypts in NZ

Friday 7 Jun 2024

NZ Dryland Forests Innovation has developed a case study on how investment in planting durable eucalypts could contribute to farm and forest diversification, improve wine industry sustainability, create jobs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the Marlborough region.

The case study and webinars are highly relevant to other northern and eastern regions where durable eucalypts are already proving their potential as a diverse land use. Contributors to the study include the Marlborough Research Centre, University of Canterbury’s School of Forestry and the Bioenergy Association of New Zealand.

Two up-coming webinars, 'A regional development case study on the potential for durable eucalypts in Marlborough' on 12 June 2024 and 'Marlborough’s Future is Durable' on 4 July 2024, will discuss the findings and bring together much of NZDFI's research and vision to date.

Further details can also be found on NZDFI's website.

Source and image credit: of the NZ Dryland Forests Innovation

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