Remote-controlled firefighting technology demoed

Friday 10 May 2024

BurnBot, an innovative firefighting technology, has been successfully demonstrated in Incline Village, Nevada. These remote-controlled machines can quickly clear vegetation, reducing wildfire risk. In just 2-3 days, BurnBot cleared 75% of the vegetation on 22 acres – a task that would take a 20-person hand crew 15 days. BurnBot tackles tough terrain, creating defensible spaces, clearing vegetation, and maintaining firebreaks.

The 7,500 pound BurnBots were demonstrated at the Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation, hosted by the Tahoe Fund and several regional partners.

"This technology can do ten times what hand crews can do," said BurnBot CEO Anukool Lakhina. "Our goal is to make destructive wildfires a thing of the past."

The $50,000 BurnBot demonstration proved its efficiency, impressing Tahoe Fund CEO Amy Berry. “Twenty-two acres in 3 days is really tremendous,” said Amy Berry. “… you can’t have that level of efficiency from a hand crew.”

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Source: Tahoe Daily Tribune
Image credit: BurnBot

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