Electrifying all trucks will cost less

Friday 19 Apr 2024

The Clean Freight Coalition recently released a report suggesting a staggering US$1 trillion investment would be required to electrify 100% of the US truck fleet. However, a critical analysis reveals serious flaws in this estimation. Daimler Truck North America, a key industry player, offers a more realistic perspective, estimating a charging infrastructure cost of US$66 billion to support 1.425 million electric trucks by 2032, significantly lower than the CFC's projection.

The discrepancies stem from the CFC study's unrealistic assumptions, such as deploying all infrastructure simultaneously and disregarding potential cost reductions over time. Daimler's approach, based on historical data and industry trends, provides a more nuanced and feasible assessment.

Additionally, the CFC analysis overlooks efficient power supply pathways and fails to offer actionable insights for policymakers. Conversely, initiatives like the National Zero Emission Freight Corridor Strategy and incentives under the Inflation Reduction Act offer a clearer roadmap for infrastructure deployment and vehicle electrification.

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Source: International Council on Clean Transportation

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