Innovation leads $8m tree-change for Glencoe Nursery

Thursday 28 Mar 2024

Innovation and safety are the key drivers behind OneFortyOne’s $8 million nursery redevelopment, with a new state-of-the-art undercover handling system leading a number of major upgrades for the Glencoe facility.

The two automated handling lines, designed in Europe and installed on- site, will see millions of radiata pine trees sown, lifted and dispatched under controlled conditions annually, significantly increasing workforce conditions and safety.

This month, as the industry marks International Day of Forests on March 21, flags a milestone for the 3-year redevelopment project, as the new systems become operational. Nursery Manager Craig Torney said the new infrastructure investment will substantially increase efficiency and signals a major shift away from traditional intensive in-field growing.

“The line has the ability to sow about 1-million trees per week, so it’s a lot cleaner and a lot more efficient,” Craig said. “This work would normally be done on the back of a tractor in the elements. Now, from the time the container is introduced to the machine to the time that the finished product is pushed through the wall automatically out into the nursery, there is no human intervention, apart from overseers.”

A new irrigation system is also part of the upgrades, improving efficiency at the establishment stage by decreasing water and chemical usage.

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Source & image credit: OneFortyOne

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