'Cheaper than a mince pie'

Friday 15 Mar 2024

Tradie charges up electric digger then tows it to work with his Tesla

A New Zealand tradie has simultaneously charged up his electric digger and Tesla while towing the earthmoving machine 2.5 hours to a worksite, and says he is sick of the misinformation spread about electric vehicles. With no noise and no dangerous diesel exhaust pollution, electric earthmoving equipment will be a game changer for the health and wellbeing of millions of machine operators and tradespeople.

“I’m a bit over hearing about what you can’t do with EV – much prefer what you can do,” posted Greg Gedson on NZ EV Owners facebook group. “I just drove 2.5 hrs to a job that starts in the morning. Stopped to charge the car and the digger on the way, only needed 20 mins.”

The all-electric digger, a Sany SY19E electric excavator, was recently reviewed by Gavin Shoebridge on his EV YouTube channel Ecotricity NZ. The digger has a 22 kWh lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery enabling it to run non-stop for 6 hours on the job site.

“This thing will run all day long for less than the price of a mince pie,” says Shoebridge. With this thing you can quite literally bury your competition.” According to 1news.co.nz the cost of a mince pie in New Zealand in 2022 was $5. To fully charge a 22 kWh battery for $5 the price of electricity would have to be around $0.23 per kWh making Shoebridge’s mince pie claim highly plausible.

While kiwi tradies are already reaping the benefits of going all electric, some Australian politicians are attempting to rehash the culture wars against electric vehicles after the government recently announced its intention to legislate vehicle efficiency standards. A pollution standard that only Russia and Australia still fail to have in place.

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Source: thedriven

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