FIEA Environmental Forestry launched

Friday 8 Mar 2024

With plenty of cooperation from industry leaders, NZ Forest Owners Association and previous delegates, FIEA is pleased to announce the release of our Environmental Forestry 2024 conference programme. This event runs on 25-26 June 2024 in Rotorua, New Zealand and will also feature pre-conference and post- conference workshops.

One keynote speaker is Dean Meason, who is a key scientist in Scion’s Forest Flows Research work programme. Forest Flows is a five-year research programme (September 2019 to September 2024) focused on forest hydrology. Scion is leading the MBIE- supported programme. The programme is developing methods to predict and optimise water use and supply in planted forests and answer the questions; Where is the water? Where is it going? and who gets to use it?

This research aims to create a biophysical model of forest hydrology that accurately predicts water storage and release for entire catchments, while also providing data on changes in water quality over time.

The project:
  • Identifies key forest hydrological processes by combining monitoring of soil-plant-atmosphere interactions with a range of targeted ground-based research over the long term.
  • Develops and uses remote-sensing tools to collect data that spans catchments and forests and can be linked to key forest hydrological processes.
  • Creates a model that predicts hydrological flow across a range of NZ- planted forests.
  • Builds a decision-making framework that provides the necessary information to optimise water use in planted forests.
A full list of speakers and programme for Environmental Forestry 2024 can be found on the event's website. Super early bird discounted registrations are now available, and finish on 29 March 2024. 

Environmental Forestry 2024

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