FEA Update: China softwood log inventories

Friday 23 Feb 2024

China’s Softwood Log Inventories at Ocean Ports -- FEA industry sources in China report that softwood log inventories at the country’s main ocean ports totalled 2.5 million m³ on January 27, up 1.4% (+35,000 m³) from late December, as follows:

  • Radiata pine log inventory volumes from New Zealand and South America amounted to 1.89 million m³, similar to a month earlier and comprising nearly 76% of overall log inventories (versus 77% in late December).
  • North American Douglas-fir and hemlock log volumes totalled 239,000 m³, down 10% from the month before and accounting for 9.6% of overall log inventories (versus 11% in late December).
  • European spruce log volumes were 276,000 m³, up 48% from a month earlier and comprising 11% of overall log inventories.
  • Softwood log inventories from other countries (Japanese sugi, European red pine logs, etc.) totalled 89,000 m³ (-26%).

Average daily sales reached 57,875 m³ in January, versus 17,650 m³ in January 2023 and 45,000 m³ in January 2022. Of note, the Spring Festival Day this year is on February 10; this is 19 days later than in 2023 and 9 days later than in 2022. The majority of mills cease production only at the end of January and take three to four weeks off for the holiday. Production is expected to return to normal following February 24’s Lantern Festival. Therefore, February will be a quieter month this year than previously. 

For more information on FEA’s China Bulletin where this data is reported monthly, please visit https://getfea.com/publication/china-bulletin, or contact Matt Robertson at mrobertson@getfea.com.

Source: FEA

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