Data encryption critical for supply chain digitalisation

Friday 23 Feb 2024

Cloud computing has emerged as the foundational technology in transforming the nature and pace of global supply chains. By simplifying and accelerating the deployment of complex systems for operations and procurement, the cloud makes it possible to set up and manage interconnected networks that expedite commerce. It bestows unprecedented flexibility and scalability.

However, like many transformative technologies, the cloud also introduces a significant new element of risk for supply chain participants. This article explores threats to data, and what can be done to mitigate the potential for data breaches and resulting business impacts. In particular, it looks at the role of data encryption in protecting sensitive data from attack.

When it comes to security, the cloud is very different from traditional, wholly- owned on-premises information technology (IT). Before the cloud, most companies deployed systems and software onto infrastructure they controlled, in data centres they either owned or leased. Cybersecurity was the responsibility of the system owner. 

Integrating encryption, implementing robust security protocols, and fostering a culture of cyber-awareness are no longer optional; they are the essential ingredients for a resilient and secure supply chain.  In a world where data is the new currency, investing in its security is not just a wise move, it’s the only way to ensure a future where supply chains thrive.

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Source: Supply Chain Connect

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