IUFRO conference, Rotorua, March 2024

Friday 2 Feb 2024

Registration deadline approaching for international forest research conference in March 2024

It’s not too late to secure a conference seat in Rotorua and learn how scientists are using cutting-edge plant propagation technology to usher in a new era for forestry.

From 3-8 March 2024, the city will welcome the participants of the 6th IUFRO (International Union of Forest Research Organisations) conference of the Working Party 2.09.02. The event is dedicated to exploring vegetative propagation technologies under the theme, "The might of vegetative propagation for healthy and productive forests to face climate challenges."

Registrations are still open and Dr Jana Krajňáková, a senior researcher for tissue culture and project leader at Scion, is encouraging anyone interested in the future of forestry to attend.

An integral member of the conference’s organising committee, Dr Krajňáková says it will be an opportunity to hear how scientists are harnessing the latest tissue culture technologies to advance knowledge and improve ways the forestry industry can rapidly grow new trees from proven and high-performing genotypes.

“The programme will cover all fields of application of vegetative propagation to preserve, assess, improve, adapt, and deploy tree genetic resources in resilient and productive forests,” she says.

Vegetative propagation technologies include various methods to reproduce plants without seeds, such as cutting, grafting, layering, and tissue culture (micro- propagation, including somatic embryogenesis).

During the conference there will be four scientific sessions, 10 keynote speakers, 34 oral presentations and 29 research posters. Participants from 22 countries will be sharing their research.

They include several Scion scientists including Jana Krajňáková, Cathie Reeves and Lloyd Donaldson. Glenn Thorlby will share information about Scion's micro-propagation and genetic technologies, and the Crown Research Institute’s journey towards more productive, sustainable and resilient planted forests. Scion’s Sam Davidson will also highlight how AI and machine learning are being used to improve productivity and greater automation with plant propagation.

Dr Alison Slade will deliver a presentation focusing on the industrialisation of tissue culture for New Zealand forestry.

In addition to the conference sessions, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in field trips, including a visit to Scion and Minginui Nursery where participants will see practical applications of vegetative propagation technologies in land restoration and community employment opportunities. Timberlands will also demonstrate the best clonal forests of radiata pine.

Founded in 1892, IUFRO is one of the oldest and largest international organisations in the field of forest research. Comprising a global network of forest scientists and researchers, IUFRO is committed to voluntary global cooperation and knowledge sharing in forest-related research.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this influential gathering. Register today and secure your spot before the registration deadline.

Source and image credit: Scion

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