Whiteheads partners with Springer for sawmill upgrade

Friday 2 Feb 2024

A decade-long partnership In a move dating back to 2008, Australian company WHITEHEADS Timber Sales initially conceived the idea of modernising its sawmill. Strategically aligning with SPRINGER and its partners, this ambitious project for the company brings top-notch technology to Australia's sawmill industry - beyond anything previously known in the region. Recognizing the imperative for cutting-edge wood processing technology, WHITEHEADS Timber Sales and SPRINGER embarked on a transformative journey to reshape the operation.

Setting industry standards The upcoming sawmill upgrades will showcase the highest process efficiency, the lowest energy consumption, and incorporate the latest generation of robotic-based machine design and functionality. Additionally, state-of-the-art scanning, optimizer, and data processing technology will be integrated, reinforcing a commitment to a technologically advanced approach to wood processing.

Comprehensive sawmill overhaul

This large project includes a saw infeed transformation with the latest LMC (Log Motion Control) generation, featuring an all-new SPRINGER measurement conveyor and LINCK seamless servo pos centering infeed - powered by MICROTEC's latest generation of real time scanning and image processing technology. In the next step, a complete overhaul of the log infeed deck will introduce SPRINGER's cutting-edge screw feeding technology, promising seamless and efficient processing.

Revolutionising greensorter operations

The Greensorter will undergo a comprehensive rebuild and upgrade, featuring the all-new SPRINGER trimmer line. The trimmer line incorporates next-gen board manipulation gear such as the E-loader, beltless trimmer system E-cut with servo pos PET, and a fully automated visual autograding system. Powered by MiCROTEC's GE900 series with ViSCANplus, this system ensures structural grade prediction on top of fully automatic visual grading, while the enhanced sorter management system VARiOSORT adds a new dimension to efficiency.

Project redefining industry standards

WHITEHEADS Timber Sales and SPRINGER are investing significantly to ensure the upgrade will redefine industry standards and establish a new benchmark for sawmill operations globally. The installation of these upgrades is scheduled to commence in 2025, marking a pivotal moment in WHITEHEADS Timber Sales' journey toward operational excellence. In collaboration with SPRINGER, the Australian company is not only upgrading its sawmill but pioneering a transformative approach that will undoubtedly set new standards in wood processing technology, ensuring a future that is both efficient and sustainable; and the next project cooperation is already in the pipeline.

About SPRINGER: The family-owned company located in Friesach (Austria) plans, develops, and produces machines and state of the art solutions for the wood processing industry. All processes, such as transporting, sorting, grading of wood, and automation, are implemented at the highest technological level. Special attention is placed on sustainability. The climate-neutral company employs more than 500 people worldwide and is led by the family's third generation, Timo Springer and Gero Springer.


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