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Friday 8 Dec 2023

OneFortyOne has a brand-new resource available to showcase what it is like to be an apprentice, student, or graduate at the business. The OneFortyOne Careers Program Booklet shares the stories of previous Apprenticeship, Scholarship, and Graduate Program participants and provides insight into the benefits that OneFortyOne can provide to someone starting their career.

“OneFortyOne is passionate about creating a diverse work force, and we need more young people to make this happen,” said Deon Kriek, Green Triangle Forests General Manager. “Our Career Programs are a great opportunity for young people to enter the industry and receive support as they develop their career.”

“By bringing younger people into the business, OneFortyOne benefits from fresh perspectives. The booklet is one way that we can encourage young people to enter and remain in the industry.” In addition to showcasing the experiences of some of our younger people, this publication also provides introductory information about working at OneFortyOne and our careers programs.

OneFortyOne offers Apprenticeships, Scholarship and Graduate Programs as well as summer work in both Australia and New Zealand. For further information and to download the booklet, visit: Apprentices, Students and Graduates - One Forty One.

Source: OneFortyOne

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