Isuzu showcases future of transport at Mobility Show

Friday 1 Dec 2023

Isuzu Motors displayed its heavy-duty Giga Fuel Cell truck and N Series battery electric model at the Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo along with battery-swap concepts and new product development processes. It follows hot off the heels of Isuzu Australia’s Brisbane Truck Show attendance, which featured the first appearance of the zero emission N Series EV in the southern hemisphere.

The theme of the stand in Tokyo emphasis the brand’s vision of a “mobility society”, showcasing a broad range of emerging technology, including the latest battery-electric advancements, the long-awaited hydrogen fuel-cell prototype, and internal combustion improvements.

There was also a world-first reveal of the e-Vision Cycle Concept, showcasing the potential for a fast-turnaround battery-swap system. In attendance at this year’s event, Isuzu Australia director and chief operating officer Andrew Harbison, said the expo provided a chance to get to grips with the cutting-edge transportation technology.

“Our industry is in the midst of unprecedented change. From the very fundamentals of the way in which we do business, to evolving environmental and societal expectations its clear an industry transition is well and truly upon us,” he said. “From a product perspective, events like the Mobility Show are invaluable for markets such as Australia. Having direct access to some of the key emerging technologies, we’re looking at genuine solutions in our corner of the world which are both insightful and highly valuable.

“Having boots on the ground here in Tokyo, it’s hard not to get swept up in the concept that this really is a critical juncture in our industry’s history. “It’s a fantastic time to be involved in the transport industry and it does feel as though we’re on the cusp of seismic change in the way we think about and approach transport and mobility, especially from a product perspective,” Harbison says.

Isuzu’s introduction of a “modular approach” to its future product development platform was another highlight. This includes the introduction of modular architecture and a component standard which allows for optimal merging of components, parts, and devices across various needs and applications. It breaks with the convention of developing model-specific parts.

This fresh product development approach comes in anticipation of new and emerging technologies. The Tokyo exhibit was part of a joint stand with UD Trucks and featured Isuzu’s hydrogen truck that’s being jointly developed with Honda Motor Co. At the show it attracted plenty of attention on the stand, going on display for the very first time.

Since 2020, both Isuzu and Honda have backed hydrogen fuel cell technology as a solution for heavier loads over longer distances. Production models are expected to begin in 2027 with the pace of FCEVs as genuine heavy-duty solutions gathering pace in recent years.

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Source: Transporttalk

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