Mercedes-Benz premieres long-haul eActros

Friday 1 Dec 2023

Mercedes-Benz Trucks has unveiled the series version battery electric long-haul eActros 600 which, according to the company, is set to replace the majority of diesel trucks in the segment over the long term. The model made its global debut on October 10 in front of an international audience at an event held near Hamburg, Germany.

Mercedes-Benz says the model promises to “define the new standard in terms of technology, sustainability, design and profitability”. It follows the market launch of the first eActros for heavy-duty distribution transport in 2021. The eActros 600 features a range of 500km on a single charge and can achieve more than 1000km per day with intermediate charging during legally prescribed driver breaks – even without megawatt-charging, the company says.

The high battery capacity of more than 600 kilowatt hours is where the model gets its designation—it features three battery packs, each with 207kWh. It has a gross combination weight of up to 44 tonnes and a payload of around 22 tonnes with a standard trailer.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks chief executive Karin Rådström says the eActros 600 “stands for the transformation of road freight transport towards CO2-neutrality like no other truck with a three-pointed star. This makes entry into e-mobility even more attractive for fleet operators.”

According to the company, around 60% of long-distance journeys of Mercedes-Benz Trucks customers in Europe are shorter than 500km. Charging infrastructure at the depot and at the loading and unloading points is sufficient in such cases, it says.

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Source: transporttalk

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