Top industries using ChatGPT

Friday 17 Nov 2023

Since ChatGPT’s launch last November, the search for artificial intelligence has rocketed by 1,700%. The chatbot, which has attracted over 100 million global users, has been the centre of much debate in recent months, especially when it comes to its position within the workplace.

Keen to learn more about the use of ChatGPT within businesses across the UK, Indusface surveyed 2,000 UK workers across varying job levels and sectors, to find out more about the use of ChatGPT in the workplace. Adding to the findings, Venky Sundar, Founder and President of Indusface shares his insight around the risks and benefits of using ChatGPT in the business world.

Key Findings: - The Advertising industry ranks as the sector using ChatGPT the most whilst working, with almost two fifths (39%) of respondents utilising the bot.

- The Legal industry ranks second, with 38% of respondents claiming they use ChatGPT at work.

- Writing up reports is the most common reason for using ChatGPT at work, with more than a quarter (27%) of respondents naming this as their reason for using this form of AI.

- Over half (55%) of UK workers stated that they do not trust working with another business who uses ChatGPT!

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