Australia’s National Forestry Day celebrated

Friday 25 Aug 2023

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) encouraged everyone to recognise how critical Australia’s forest products sector is to regional communities, for fighting climate change, supporting the national economy and creating the essential and sustainable products Australians love and use every day on National Forestry Day.

National Forestry Day is an initiative of the Australian Forest Products Association and state-based advocacy groups. AFPA Acting Chief Executive Officer Natasa Sikman said on Tuesday 22 August, “Today, on National Forestry Day, I encourage everyone to stop and think about how important Australia’s forest products sector is in everyday life. Think about all of the products you love to use, which are based in forestry, renewable and displace high emission-based products and harmful plastics. The timber house-frame inside the walls of your home, the cardboard boxes your latest delivery arrived in, the hardwood dining table in your living area and of course the toilet paper in your bathroom! Without Australia’s sustainable and renewable forest products sector, we wouldn’t have these locally made products.

“Aside from our amazing products, Australia’s forest products sector supports approximately 180,000 direct and indirect jobs. Our people are highly experienced professionals who understand the science behind growing productive and healthy forest ecosystems with multi-value benefits. This includes expert fire management services and working with local Regional Fire Services. Our sector contributes AU$24 billion to the national economy annually. Many of our sector’s operations are naturally located in regional Australia, underpinning hundreds of communities, many for generations on end.

“With demand for timber and wood fibre expected to quadruple by 2050, the Australian forest products sector plays a significant role leading the world in sustainable forest management. Our careful environmental management practices are an example to other nations looking to maximise the potential of their forest sectors, through active replanting and prudent regulations.

“Our sector is incredibly important as a nature-based solution to meeting the global ambition to act on climate change through the Paris Agreement and to the economy wide transition to a low carbon bioeconomy. As production trees grow, they absorb carbon, which then continues to be stored in timber and wood fibre products and the built environment, long after the trees are sustainably harvested. We are a big part of the answer to Australia reaching its net zero goals.

“Today, wherever you are, please think about the important role of timber and wood in your lives. Think about the products, the regional communities and the contribution the forest products sector makes to the economy, society and climate. Happy National Forestry Day 2023!” Natasa Sikman concluded.

With Australia’s forests facing a challenging future, Forestry Australia, the professional association for forest scientists, managers and growers, has used National Forestry Day to highlight the need for our forests to continue to be professionally managed.

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Sources: AFPA, Forestry Australia

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