New initiatives for Tasmanian forestry sector

Friday 26 May 2023

Landowners in Tasmania will be encouraged to learn how they can estimate their carbon impact thanks to the Tasmanian Government’s investment in the future of the State’s forestry sector via a new portal. Minister for Resources, Felix Ellis, said the Farm Forestry Carbon Tool and Workforce Development Portal is supporting the future growth of forestry.

“The Tasmanian Government has invested AU$300,000 to support the development of a range of tools as part of the Forest Industry Workforce Development and Implementation Plan which aims to ensure a skilled forest and wood processing workforce into the future,” he said.

“Developed collaboratively by the Tasmania Forestry Hub and Private Forests Tasmania, the Carbon Farm Forestry Tool enables farmers to estimate their carbon impact and potential tree offset opportunities, with the hope that it will encourage landowners to plant more trees on their properties.

“The Carbon Farm Forestry Tool supports the Tasmanian Government’s vision to mitigate long-term climate change impacts nationally and internally and is designed to provide estimates to support farmers as they start conversations and planning about carbon neutrality on their farms.”

The tool is a world first and was developed by Tasmanian tech company Indicium Dynamics, and is now available online on the Private Forestry Tasmania website.

The Workforce Development Portal will allow employers in the forest industry to easily access information on employment, training, and apprenticeships to support career development. The Portal will also be available to members of the public who are interested in understanding training requirements and career pathways and provide information about the State’s forest industry.

The project will be rolled out over the next two years and is supported by the Tasmanian Training and Skills Development Service, which is funded by the Australian and Tasmanian Government to support the rebuilding and reskilling of the State’s forest and timber industry.

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