Opportunity opened for young foresters

Friday 28 Apr 2023

This new opportunity (free stuff) comes with a free conference registration – up to ten of them in fact - for this year’s Wood Transport & Logistics 2023 event running in Rotorua, New Zealand on 24-25 May 2023 and for the Environmental Forestry 2023 event running in Rotorua, New Zealand on 20-21 June 2023.

The Forest Industry Engineering Association (FIEA) has teamed up with the WIDE Trust, a charitable Trust formed in 2018 that supports the development and education in New Zealand’s forestry and wood industry sectors.

What’s being offered? To help out younger employees, recent graduates and new entrants into the industry, this new arrangement will enable up to five young employees, recent graduates or students to attend either of the upcoming major events in New Zealand with all major conference expenses being paid.

Wood Transport & Logistics 2023 will appeal to harvesting and wood flow planners, logging and log cartage contractors, forestry managers and forest owners.

Environmental Forestry 2023 will appeal to environmental foresters, operations managers from forest companies and regulatory and compliance staff from regional councils and local government agencies.

Details for each event can be found on the event websites, www.woodtransport.events and www.environmentalforestry.events.

Conditions: Applicants for the complimentary places have to be actively employed within the forestry or log transport industries or in a recognised training scheme, apprenticeship or course. The places are available only to those that haven’t yet registered to attend the conferences. And, to ensure the package is targeting the right person, the applicants should also be 35 years or younger.

What do I do if interested? Places will be filled on a first in-first served basis, provided the eligibility criteria have been met. So, if keen on picking up one of these complimentary available spaces for either of the two major events, Wood Transport& Logistics 2023 OR Environmental Forestry 2023, please make contact with gordon.thomson@fiea.org.nz.

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