New ETS plan concerns Māori leaders

Thursday 6 Apr 2023

A “bizarre” gagging order is stopping Māori business leaders from discussing changes which they say will “tank” Māori-run carbon forestry.

Stuff has heard from Māori business leaders across the country, who are concerned a yet-to-be-released proposal from New Zealand’s Climate Minister James Shaw and the Labour Government will threaten their ability to run profitable climate forests.

The proposal will impact the multi-billion dollar carbon forestry sector, where forest owners trade carbon credits through the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). It’s become a major industry for Māori, who have been able to turn difficult terrain held under Māori Land Titles, into productive assets.

Multiple sources say they were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in order to participate in consultation about changes to the ETS and carbon catching forestry. The legal hurdles and tight timeframe meant some experts were given just a day to digest a 150-page report and give feedback.

The proposal looks to fix biodiversity problem with carbon forestry. The Government, as well as environmental groups including some Māori commentators, are concerned pine trees will make up the bulk of the carbon forests – taking up land native trees could otherwise occupy.

There’s also concern around how more pine forests could impact the environment and their surroundings.

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Source: Stuff

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