Tevva hydrogen-electric truck clocks 560km

Friday 24 Mar 2023

While Tevva’s laser-guided focus remains trained on building and delivering its battery-electric 7.5-ton vehicle, testing, and development of its hydrogen-electric counterpart continues.

Four Tevva engineers: Charlie Cordell, Byron Dolman, Ryan Clark, and Toby Hurst were doing exactly that recently, with a ‘range test’ of Tevva’s dual-energy prototype truck. The exercise saw the foursome accumulate more than 1,000 kilometers (approximately 620 miles) in the 7.5-ton hydrogen-electric vehicle, driving between Tevva’s London HQ and the Scottish border at Berwick-on-Tweed—England’s most northernmost town.

The return journey saw the truck cover almost 350 miles(560km) alone, without needing a single stop for recharging. This was made possible by the truck’s hydrogen fuel cell which tops up the range-extended (Rex) vehicle’s lithium battery when needed.

“It was an amazing trip and we were so pleased the truck covered so many miles on the return leg, without the need to stop for a charge," Lead Engineer, Tevva Rex, Charlie Cordell said.

“The trip was a terrific demonstration of the range you can achieve in a truck that uses a blended system of electric and hydrogen. The freezing conditions were extremely challenging, but helpful too, in allowing us to gather important data about vehicle performance, meaning we could make tweaks here and there and tailor its development.”

Tevva’s revolutionary hydrogen fuel-cell range extension technology enables its vehicles to do all the work of diesel, with total peace of mind about cost, range, and environmental impact.

By adding hydrogen into the energy mix, Tevva delivers a solution that gives operators the ability to decarbonize their fleets at the pace needed by climate science and demanded by society. The company is taking a dual-energy approach to zero-emission mobility, utilizing the best of battery-electric and hydrogen technology to maximize the performance of our vehicles.

Tevva is an active player in helping build the battery-electric and hydrogen infrastructure ecosystem and recognizes that the speed and scalability of hydrogen refueling systems will be crucial to adoption while keeping costs under control.

As low-carbon hydrogen becomes cheaper and more widely available, hydrogen refueling will become as convenient as diesel refueling is today. Tevva is actively working with hydrogen and refueling station suppliers to establish low-carbon hydrogen services for customers and is leading the drive to zero-emissions freight and urban logistics.

Full details on this regions Wood Transport & Logistics 2023 event running in Rotorua, New Zealand on 24-25 May can be found on the event website. Hydrogen, electric and hybrid fuel conversions for heavy transport fleets are an integral part of this major tech event that's been set up for forestry and log transport operators across the region.

Source: newequipment.com

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