100% electric truck for pulp transport

Friday 24 Mar 2023

The Brazilian pulp & paper company, Bracell starts the year 2023 with an innovative project: the use of an electric truck to transport pulp. The initiative is unprecedented in this type of operation with heavy vehicles (trucks weighing more than 40 tons) and it is estimated that the company will avoid the emission of 132,000 kg of CO2eq per year from a single truck.

The electric truck will transport pulp on the stretch between the plant, located in Lençóis Paulista and the Intermodal Terminal in Pederneiras, using the Juliano Lorenzetti, Osni Mateus highways up to the access road municipality, in Pederneiras.

In the pilot project, the company hopes to understand the performance of the electric motor in uphill stretches with load, time and necessary amounts of charging and maintenance, in addition to economic and environmental gains.

Alberto Pagano, head of Supply Chain at Bracell, pointed out that another differential of the vehicle will be the use of renewable energy, produced by the company itself, to recharge the truck’s batteries. “It is a pilot project that reiterates the company’s commitment to the sustainability of the business. The use of the vehicle brings benefits for the climate and also for the entire community”, he said.

Source: bracell.com
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