New funding for contractors for biomass innovation

Friday 14 Apr 2023

EECA has a new fund which could be of assistance to those looking to make a start in the biomass business in New Zealand or increasing production of an existing business.

EECAs role is to decarbonise New Zealand. One of the key strategies is to transition med/large commercial and industrial process heat users from fossil fuels towards electricity or biomass.

The EECA GIDI fund has for several years been funding the demand side - helping fund businesses to convert their boilers away from coal. There is now a new fund open (Biomass Supply Chain Investment Fund) to deal with the supply side of biomass. This fund is designed to assist any organisation who can contribute to increasing the supply of biomass (chip, hog fuel, pellets).

The fund can provide grant assistance throughout the value chain from forestry companies, contractors, aggregators to those producing boiler ready fuel like pellets. The fund for the South Island has opened now and will open for the North Island in June.

Details on eligibility can be found here and details of the registration of interest form here. The fund has opened now in South Island and will roll out to North Island in June. It’s designed to offer support to anyone in the value chain who can increase biomass supply.

It's likely that a feasibility study or initial business plan will be needed to accompany the application so time to start thinking about this now. Rob McBrearty (Biomass Market Development Lead at EECA) is happy to talk to anyone considering this and has some co-funding for use of consultants as most in the industry have day jobs and little time to write up plans. Rob's contact details are or Tel: 0274 534 846.

Source: EECA

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